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What is the Committee of Ten?

The Committee of Ten is a committee of ten individuals appointed by the petitioners (usually school boards) to represent the school districts involved in the study. These individuals may be school board members, people who work in the school system or any other resident voter of the involved districts. This committee is appointed to file the petition. It shall be the responsibility of the Committee of Ten to 1) establish the new school district tax rates and 2) determine how board members are elected. This committee will have other specific duties prescribed by law. It is suggested that the Committee of Ten form subcommittees to take a closer look at the proposed reorganization. Some of the areas that could be studied are: Curriculum, Finance, Transportation, Staffing & Personnel and Building Utilization. The Committee of Ten shall act by majority vote of the membership. Any 7 of who may at any time, prior to the final decision of the Regional Superintendent, amend the petition. The Committee of Ten may voluntarily dismiss their petition at any time before the final decision of the Regional Superintendent.

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